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AC replacement is not always practical, depending on the problem. Unfortunately, there is a misconception that replacement is an end-all-be-all solution. However, that is not always the case. Fairway Heating & Cooling works hard to keep your old AC running by performing HVAC system repair instead.

There are many factors to consider before resorting to replacement. For instance, when the item to be repaired exceeds the installation cost, replacement may not be realistic. Instead, it’s more important that your HVAC system runs efficiently or is maintained without experiencing unnecessary expenses.

At Fairway Heating & Cooling, our experts will advise you on what’s most beneficial for you and your home. More importantly, we will explain how we determine whether a replacement is appropriate.

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Expert Diagnosis and Troubleshooting

To begin, we first perform an HVAC system check. Our professionals work to identify the problem by troubleshooting. Using our expert tools, we accurately diagnose the issue to avoid additional expenses. After that, we perform a cost-benefit analysis to determine the risks and benefits of every repair choice. Then, we speak with you about the pricing for every option, also explaining the advantages and drawbacks. Ultimately, we want to be sure you are comfortable with the outcome. 

Repair Over Replace: Why It Matters

At Fairway Heating and Cooling, we carefully consider every HVAC problem. Replacements are occasionally necessary. However, we only suggest it when it’s required. Specifically, we are cautious about unwarranted HVAC system upgrades, particularly those that lack proper justification and when the customer does not request them. 

When deciding whether to upgrade, we assess several factors. Namely, we evaluate the economic advantages. For example, we suggest repair over replacement, especially when it is the most cost-effective. Secondly, making a determination is also based on environmental considerations.

Specifically, we explain the benefits of reducing waste by fixing the HVAC part instead of discarding it. Finally, we consider what’s most beneficial for your home and budget.

Fairway’s HVAC Repair Services: What We Offer

With our highly experienced professionals, Fairway experts can make HVAC repairs that include:

Using our specialized diagnostic instruments, such as multimeters or leak detectors, we can locate and address any problem!

When HVAC Repair Is Not An Option, But A Necessity

Although many HVAC companies suggest complete HVAC unit upgrades, it isn’t always possible. There are several scenarios where replacement is not an option. For example, your home may not be compatible with the recommended system or part.

In that case, it’s better to make repairs. More so, those with budget limitations may be unable to afford extensive changes. 

Another scenario may be related to discontinued parts. If a client needs an HVAC part but it’s a discontinued product, the only possibility may be to fix it. Lastly, minor repairs are preferable if the replacement cost is too high.

In these instances, repair is a necessity. When presented with these problems, Fairway will assist you. Specifically, we will communicate possible resolutions with you and offer our best recommendation.

We will also give you multiple alternatives at the most reasonable cost. More importantly, we will evaluate your unit to determine how current issues can be resolved to prevent expensive future breakdowns. 

Customer Success Stories

To exemplify our high customer service standards and ability to aid with resolving HVAC concerns, here are some customer success stories:

Chris C. was outstanding! He immediately went to work and showed his concerns upon parts of the AC that he would recommend fixing and repairing for not only the present but future savings. Highly recommend.

Lexi B

Great service! I would recommend this AC company. Me and my husband have been using them since 2019. Thanks to my maintenance/repair guy named Caden, for advising me on a part that was about to blow on our AC unit. Scheduling maintenance does help avoid a big repair.”  

Annette D.

On one of the hottest August evenings, our air conditioner stopped working. I never thought I would be able to get someone out right away, but I called Fairway Heating and Cooling Co., and they sent Joel out. He diagnosed the problem right away and promised he would stay until it was all fixed. What a blessing he was! I would recommend him to anyone.

Diane M.

Keeping Your Systems Running Smoothly

At Fairway, we work hard to ensure no significant replacements are needed. By scheduling maintenance with our clients, we help prevent severe malfunctions. Frequent checks are critical for anticipating issues before they become catastrophic and ensuring your system runs efficiently. Our customer service representatives will book regular maintenance appointments to get your AC running smoothly.

Contact Fairway To Schedule Your Next HVAC System Repair

If you prefer HVAC repair over replacement, you can rely on Fairway Heating and Cooling! Our dedicated and responsible technicians work hard on HVAC system diagnostics, troubleshooting, and maintenance to avert costly breakdowns. Furthermore, our professionals will communicate with you regarding the most reasonably priced choices. 

Contact us today to speak with one of our customer service representatives or to book an estimate!


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