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Although it may seem unnecessary, winter AC maintenance is essential for ensuring the long-term health of your HVAC system. Otherwise, your air conditioner may be vulnerable to damage. 

For example, weather fluctuations may lead to clogged pipes, dirty air filters, or frozen evaporator coils. If you want to avoid this, perform maintenance before the season starts. 

To help you understand why winter upkeep is necessary, our HVAC experts at Fairway Heating and Cooling have provided information regarding what winter AC maintenance entails and how to winterize your system.

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What Is AC Winter Maintenance?

Winter AC maintenance is similar to regular maintenance, such as air filter changes, cleaning, and inspecting overall function. However, the reason for doing so differs. 

As the temperature drops, your system runs the risk of malfunction. Since you will be using your unit less, it’s vital to check your entire system before leaving it inactive for extended periods.

Why Do You Need Winter Upkeep In Florida?

Although winters in Florida tend to be mild, maintenance stops your pipes from freezing or reduces compressor lubrication, leading to overheating. More importantly, it allows you to target issues when they’re manageable instead of waiting until they become catastrophic. 

Neglecting your system may result in costly replacements or repairs. Ultimately, yearly maintenance keeps your unit functioning optimally, saving you money on heating and cooling bills.

Quick Tips For AC Winter Upkeep 

The following are simple tips to keep your AC running efficiently in the winter to prepare for periods of inactivity: 

Schedule Maintenance With A Professional 

If you are not planning on checking your AC independently, you can schedule frequent maintenance with your local professionals. 

Doing so prevents major system breakdowns due to cooler weather. Furthermore, these checks allow you to repair any malfunctioning parts properly. 

Adjust Thermostat Settings

As it becomes colder, you may need your AC less often. This is a good time to change your thermostat settings

Depending on your preferences, experts recommend setting your thermostat between 68 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit to achieve the ideal indoor comfort during Florida winters. 

Change Your Air Filters

As the Florida winter arrives, changing your air filters is important. When you use your AC heavily, it can be clogged with dirt, debris, and other contaminants. 

Even though you may be using your AC less, the dirty filter will restrict airflow through your system on days when the temperature rises. 

Consequently, this may cause several problems, such as:

Clean Your Unit 

Winter is the ideal time to clean your HVAC system. During the summer, dirt and debris may appear in the vents, pipes, and ducts. 

So, to improve your air quality and system performance, carefully check and clean those areas.

Inspect AC Vents

As previously mentioned, your vents can become blocked with dust, pollen, pet hair, etc. To resolve this concern, remove the vent caps, turn your unit on, and check them for airflow obstructions. 

If you feel no air flow, they are blocked. To remove the debris, clean the grills and the vent.

Look For Corrosion

Your AC parts may become corroded due to high heat and humidity levels. Any metal components, such as refrigerant lines, condensate drains, or evaporator coils, can oxidize. 

With less frequent AC use during the winter, this is the perfect time to repair or replace any parts. If you are uncertain what to look for, these concerns can be handled with professional maintenance. 

Insulate Your Pipes and Ducts

Insulating your pipes and ducts helps protect them against weatherization. When temperatures decrease, your pipes may freeze. 

Despite mild Florida winter conditions, insulating your pipes also keeps them safe from corrosion and freezing in case of cold extremes. You can also seal your ducts to prevent air from leaking and ensure they’re well protected.

Trim Overgrown Vegetation

Lastly, when preparing for a season change, check the vegetation surrounding your outdoor unit since overhanging bushes and trees may become overgrown and reduce ventilation. 

So, trim any branches a few inches to ensure your AC runs efficiently. 

Depend On Fairway Heating & Cooling For Assistance With Winter AC Maintenance

Since winter preparations are essential, they must be addressed. Thanks to Fairway Heating and Cooling in Tampa, Florida, you do not have to perform winter AC maintenance alone! 

By hiring one of our experts, we can quickly prepare your system for the winter. Specifically, we will inspect your system and speak to you about any repairs/replacements needed to keep your AC working efficiently. 

With reasonable pricing, we will not be a strain on your budget. If you need urgent servicing, we can fix the issues immediately. 

Please contact us today to speak with one of our customer service agents or to book a work quote!

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