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It can be stressful to have an HVAC unit that is running but not cooling. Not only will you endure hot summer days, but you will also have to deal with poor indoor air quality and other issues. These can make indoor living unbearable. Don’t pull out your hair trying to figure out what could be wrong. Check out the possible reasons why your HVAC equipment is not functioning as expected.

1. Clogged Air Filter

Dust and debris can build up in your home air filter and restrict airflow. This will force your HVAC system to work harder to cool or heat your home. If you don’t replace your air filters on time, your system may fail. Cool air will circulate to the evaporator coil when the AC unit stops working. Usually, the excessive moisture is removed from the space and sent to a drain line. If the drain line gets full, water will come back and damage the air conditioning system by causing condensation. This will clog the air filters, preventing them from cooling your home and, ultimately, hindering the AC from working. Solution: If your air conditioning is constantly running, it is essential to replace the air filters often. At Fairway Heating & Cooling, LLC, we give homeowners advice and help them change dirty or clogged filters.

2. Air Purifier That’s Too Efficient

The chances that your air filter may be restrictive for your HVAC systems might be high. Air filters may be present but not correctly fitted to your system. The efficient air filters typically cause low airflow. Review the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating to check your air filters’ effectiveness. Ratings range from 1-20. The higher the MERV rating, the fewer pollutants will pass through. Solution: Invest in washable filters that can last you for 15 years or more throughout the air conditioning unit’s lifespan. After cleaning and replacing the coils, if there is ice around the coils, close the air conditioner and switch on the power. This will significantly increase the cooling capacity of the air conditioner.

3. Leaks in Air Ducts

Ductwork is vital to keeping your home pleasant. Most people overlook ductwork, an essential part of their air conditioning and heating systems. Air travels through the ductwork to reach your rooms. Leaks occur when the duct is not well sealed or insulated. This can cause excess, cooled internal air to escape. While your air conditioning unit might still get the job done, you will incur higher utility costs. Solution: Schedule routine ductwork inspections and repairs.

4. Low Refrigerant Levels

The refrigerant in your home or commercial building often acts as a heat exchanger. Because it runs in constant cycles, it may need regular maintenance. If maintenance is not done occasionally, it is likely to develop leaks. The small leaks might be a result of old age or negligence. Refrigerant leaks in the coils mean your home won’t cool according to your expectations. This will make your HVAC system inefficient. Solution: You will need experienced technicians to find and repair the refrigerant leaks in the drain line, which might be time-consuming and costly. After the refrigerant leaks have been restored, the technician will fill the system with the right amount of refrigerant, and the system will be set.

5. Mechanical Problems

The air conditioner is one of the mechanical ventilation systems that offers proper ventilation by removing indoor heat and supplying cool internal air. Air conditioning has the following components that assist in performing its functions:
  • Evaporator coil
  • Compressor
  • Fan
  • Condenser Coil
  • Expansion Device
Any of the above features can experience a mechanical problem. If your fan fails, the outdoor unit can release the heat; the refrigerant will not manage heat exchange efficiently if the compressor fails. Thus, the maintenance and installation costs are very high. Solution: Schedule regular checkups to avoid mechanical problems that cause your HVAC system to fail.

6. Thermostat Failures

When the thermostat is wrongly calibrated, it can affect the performance of the HVAC system. This is a normal problem with the manual thermostat. Solution: Recalibrating the thermostat correctly can fix the problem. If you have the manual thermostat, check and set the appropriate calibration

7. Dirty HVAC system

If your HVAC system is dirty, indoor airflow will be restricted. This can affect air exchange in your house. Over time, clogging and debris will cause your HVAC unit to overwork and overheat, damaging the compressor. Solution: Ensure that the air filters, coils, condenser, and evaporator are clean.

8. Electrical Problems

Electrical problems are not uncommon with HVAC systems. Fuses are less likely to blow and breakers trip in hot summer. The electrical fault will affect your HVAC system’s performance. Solution: Ensure that all the electrical wiring is well-fitted within the HVAC systems. If you encounter a tripped circuit breaker, please reset it by turning it on and off. At the same time, the blown fuse needs a new replacement. If the problem persists, Fairway Heating & Cooling, LLC has professional electricians who will fix it.

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