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As winter approaches, it is critical to ensure that your heating equipment is in good working order. This will not only keep you warm during the colder months, but it will also help you avoid costly repairs and extend the life of your equipment.

If your heating system stops working all of a sudden, it can be a huge problem considering how temperatures drop in the middle of winter in Florida. That is why you need to know the signs that your heaters need repair before they completely break down. On the other hand, you can schedule regular preventative maintenance by a licensed technician so that you can rest easy with an efficient heating system.


Types of Heating Systems

The most common heating systems are heat pumps, heaters, furnaces, and boilers. These are all used in homes across the country to cool and heat homes during the winter and summer.With the right HVAC system, home owners can save on their heating bills without having to worry about extra costs.

Heat Pump

This heating unit is an air conditioner that is operating in reverse. In summer, air conditioning units or heat pumps cool homes by pushing the hot air inside the home outside. In winter, they do the opposite and heat up the home by removing the cold air from the house and pushing it outside.



Furnaces are the most common heating systems found in most American homes. Furnaces heat the air and then distribute it throughout the home by blowing it through the ducts through grills or air registers. Fuel oil, electricity, or natural gas are used to power furnaces.


Boilers heat up houses the same way that furnaces do, but unlike furnaces, they don’t heat up the air; they heat up the water. The radiator then, or another device, distributes the hot water throughout the home. Most boiler systems that are found in homes are powered by heating oil, fuel, and natural gas.


Signs Heating System Needs Repair

There are a few indications that your heating system might require maintenance. Some of the most common signs include:


The Filter Has Too Much Dust

A furnace’s filter safeguards your home against dust particles. If these dust particles are allowed to pollute your home’s air for days, they can cause allergies. In addition, if the filter is not replaced on time, the heating system can be damaged.

If all of a sudden you realize that one or two of your family members suddenly have allergies or symptoms of allergies, it could be an indication that your filters need to be changed. Even though you may feel like you can easily change your filters on your own, it is advised that you contact heating repair services in order to get a professional repair.


Burning Odor

A bad odor or a burning odor is the most common indication that a heating system requires repair. If you notice a foul odor when you turn on the heating system, it is an indication that you require air conditioning and heating repair in Tampa, FL.

There might be a broken or damaged part in the heating system; there might also be some burning rubber or plastic inside your heating system. The odor might be an indication that maintenance service is needed for your heating system. Changing the filters might solve the problem, but a professional can also identify other needs for your heating system. If you think the indoor air quality is poor, it’s best to contact an air conditioning and heating professional in Tampa, Florida.


Uneven Distribution Of Heat

Another sign that heating equipment repair is needed is the uneven distribution of heat in your home. When you switch on the heating system, you might notice that corners or areas of the room remain cool even when the heating system is working.

If you add a layer of insulation around the windows and doors, this issue might be resolved. But if the problem continues, it might be time to contact professional services in Tampa, FL. A professional can help identify underlying problems and recommend a good solution that will save you future costs.


Increased Bills

Regular heating system maintenance by experienced technicians will save you money on energy bills. Regular maintenance increases the efficiency of the system, lowering costs. Leaks in the heating system, as well as clogged filters and vents, can cause your energy bill to rise, which is a clear indication that your system requires repair. The cost of doing repairs on your own may be prohibitively expensive, so contact a professional that will advise whether it is time to replace the heating system or if it only requires a minor service.

High energy bills can cost you a lot of money, even more than hiring a fully certified professional to service or repair your heating system in Tampa.


Noise From The Heating System

If you hear strange noises from your heating system, it might be another indication you need a heating system repair. If you notice loud or unusual noises when you switch on and shut down, you should contact a professional. The noise could be due to a broken internal component or a certain part being loose or detached.

Repair Costs

Heating services provided around Tampa Bay make financial sense. Heating repair in Tampa does not cost a lot of money, so if you are facing minor issues or serious issues such as short cycling or the compressor running constantly, you need to contact a professional for a properly maintained heating system.


Why Choose Fairway Heating and Cooling, LLC to Repair Your Heating System

At Fairway Heating and Cooling,LLC , we understand the importance of a properly functioning heating system during the colder months. That’s why we offer fast, reliable, and professional heating repair services to ensure that your home stays warm and comfortable. Our team of experienced technicians is equipped with the latest tools and technology to diagnose and repair any heating issue, big or small.

We take great pride in being trustworthy and providing excellent service. We will never suggest replacement parts or services unless they are truly needed, and you can count on a thorough explanation of the issue and our proposed solution.

We provide maintenance and installation services for all types of heating systems, including furnaces, boilers, and heat pumps, in addition to repair services. By hiring Fairway Heating and Cooling, LLC, you can be confident that your heating system is in capable hands.

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