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Heating Installation Services in Tampa, FL

Tampa Bay is a warm tropical area, and one cannot be blamed for assuming they do not need a heating system here. However, there are cooler days during the year, which requires one to add warmth to their house. Furthermore, the Implied Warranty of Habitability states that a home facility should contain heat and be clean, pest-free, and well-maintained. So, wherever you are, a heating system is a necessity.

Heating Installation Services

Heating Systems Services in Tampa, FL

There are five types of home heating systems meant for residential use:

Central Furnace Systems

Furnace installation is done in most American homes in cold areas. A home furnace is centrally placed and works by blowing heated air through a duct system. It uses electricity, gas, and fuel oil.

Boiler Systems

It is a complex unit that warms the house by heating water that provides steam that goes through the ducts and pipes and then into the heat radiators.

Heat Pump

They are two-way air conditioner that heats and cool. They use a heat exchanger to heat a space effectively.

Central Furnace SystDuctless Mini-Splitsems

One of the most common HVAC systems is this wall-mounted system. As their name suggests, they do not contain any ducts or pipes. They are the best for smaller spaces because they cover a smaller surface area than ducted systems. They are the cheapest to install and have a cost-effective and energy-efficient method that heats and cools individual spaces. One can regulate it to the correct temperature when necessary. They, however, need a regular change of filter to ensure free-flowing air circulation.

Geothermal Systems

The Geothermal system ensures energy efficiency and is environmentally friendly at the same time. Home heating system models that use electricity have the highest efficiency. This high energy efficiency will save you money in the long run.

HVAC Systems

It uses different technologies to control temperature and purify the air. Heating systems that also cool a space are called Heating, Ventilation, and Air-conditioning (HVAC) systems. HVAC systems are also powerful air conditioners-meaning they do double duty of both heating and cooling systems.


The heating element contains a fluid that transfers heat out in a forced-air system. The ventilation element replaces and exchanges the air in the room such that it improves the indoor air quality. The air-conditioning removes hot air from the room to the outside to cool the interior. Heating systems that are also air conditioners are the best because they work like two systems. Furnaces, however, use much more electricity than heat pumps.

Heating Installation Services

Using our services to maintain optimum indoor air quality has some energy-related advantages. Improving your HVAC system performance and air duct cleaning services will help you save money on your monthly energy expenses.


Clean HVAC equipment and duct systems don’t have to work as hard to distribute and ventilate air as neglected systems do. A clean HVAC system can also lessen the negative environmental effect by reducing carbon monoxide and other pollutants. These advantages contribute to the safety and health of your family and employees.


Navigation heating system installation takes an average of four to eight hours. It takes one to two days when replace a pre-existing heating system. The time needed to install a system also depends on the ease of access in the home. The amount of duct or pipework needed also affects installation time. It takes days for a new heating system to be installed because it may be a different shape or size than the previous one.

Heating System Installation Cost

Heater installation services are a costly investment but not without cause. They are expensive because you are paying for a long-term investment of 15 to 20 years. An HVAC system that is regularly serviced and well maintained can last even more than 20 years.


Many other multiple factors determine cost. The cost of an HVAC installation is determined by the equipment, materials, and labor costs involved. General heating installation costs include the price of the heating system itself according to its efficiency, and it takes almost a whole day to get the task done.


You may need a smaller, less expensive model or a larger, more expensive model, depending on the size of your house. However, to save money further, you can opt for gas pumps which are cheaper to maintain than both furnaces and heat pumps. A trained technician from the heating service company needs to inspect your home and see what your general heating installation requires to estimate accurately.

New Heating System installation

A common heating system can stop working properly because of either overheating the exchanger or restricted airflow. However, if your heating system is more than 20 years old or shows signs of breaking down, it needs to be replaced. At this point, HVAC repair or heating repair by a qualified technician is necessary.


Most heaters do not just stop working suddenly. Instead, you may notice some signs that tell your heating system is breaking down. Signs to look out for are weird noises, needing frequent repairs, and using higher energy costs. It is now time for a new HVAC system installation. Before a new heater installation, you need a qualified technician to evaluate a heating system to give you an honest diagnosis, recommendation, and estimate of replacement costs.

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Fairway Heating and Cooling, a local services LLC is a family-owned and operated heating installation in Tampa, Florida. Our team consists of expert HVAC technicians who provide exceptional service for installment, maintenance, and replacement HVAC services.

Our Florida HVAC installation technicians offer competitive and transparent diagnostic services for a perfect heating system. We are a reliable service that offers recommended repairs flexible scheduling on same-day service terms. We also provide upfront pricing for our maintenance, replacement, and general home heating system services.

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