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A functional heating and cooling system are vital for your comfort and safety. Don’t get caught in summer without a functioning air conditioner. Contact Fairway Heating & Cooling, LLC, for same day service and get a 1-year labor warranty. We can investigate why your heating and cooling system in Tampa Bay is acting up and tell you what repairs are due on the spot. That way, you will enjoy cool, comfortable interiors again. You can count on your skilled HVAC technicians to repair your mini-spit, central, hybrid or central unit. We ensure that heating repair is done correctly, and we’ll rectify if there’s a problem. Don’t let your HVAC system continue to deteriorate. To learn more about indoor air quality solutions, or schedule an AC repair in Tampa Bay, FL today, call (813) 443-9439 today.



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Benefits of HVAC Repair Services

Look at all the benefits with our HVAC repair service in Tampa, FL.

Better energy efficiency

A functional AC unit will make your home energy-efficient, meaning you will spend less to heat up or cool your indoors. Each month, you’ll make significant energy savings, sometimes up to 30%.

Enhanced indoor comfort

Keep temperatures at an optimum and your home comfortable throughout the year. Your family will stay cool in hot summer and cool in freezing winter.

Longer AC unit lifespan

Timely HVAC repairs add more years to the expected service life of your AC unit. You’re less likely to experience serious problems or expensive failures for years to come.

Low-cost repairs

Figuring out what’s ailing your AC unit and performing timely repairs prevents minor problems from turning into comprehensive repairs or a complete HVAC system replacement.

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Did AC stop working? Seeking a second opinion? When it comes to AC repairs in Tampa FL, only one clear choice for locals is Fairway Heating & Cooling. We have been in the industry for over two decades and continue to operate with the same values of dedication, honesty, and professionalism that have made us who we’re today. We have the best heating and cooling technicians and can guarantee you superior service. All our service and repair technicians are well-trained experts in HVAC systems. Our technicians are trained to handle anything that could go wrong with your AC unity. They have honed their skill and experience in new system installation, maintenance, and repairing residential and light commercial HVAC systems in Tampa and surrounding areas.


We provide exceptional workmanship, outstanding customer service, and the highest quality AC repairs. To perform the right AC unit repairs, we properly diagnose the problem you’re experiencing. We have extensive experience diagnosing various HVAC problems on various systems. As a leading air conditioning company, we also use modern troubleshooting techniques, the latest tools, and best practices to ensure the diagnostic procedure is accurate and efficient.

AC Repair

AC Repair Services in Tampa, FL

If your home’s AC unit isn’t blowing cold air or producing funny sounds, we can fix it. Our HVAC technicians are trained professionals. They’ll diagnose problems with your faulty air conditioners, provide you a fair estimate then quickly repair your unit to restore normalcy. Our team will have years of experience working for you, tackling even the most challenging repairs with expert knowledge and up-to-date training in air conditioners. We prioritize your comfort, never leaving you waiting for hours or without a lasting fix.

No HVAC problem is too small or too big for us to fix for our professional service. We can fix all your HVAC systems and address problems that can get in the way of comfort on a hot, humid day in Tampa, FL. We repair all AC brands- residential and commercial AC units. Trane, Carrier, Honeywell, Goodman, Lenox, and Nest – you name it. We have repaired hundreds of old, low-efficiency air conditioners, saving our customers thousands every month on utility costs.

Some of the problems we address in our same day and emergency repairs include:

Clogged or dirty filters can reduce air intake. We clean up and replace filters every 3-6 months to ensure optimal airflow.

Is your home’s AC unit blowing hot air only? You may have a leak if this problem is accompanied by bubbling noise or hissing sounds and ice formation on the refrigerant line.

If your AC unit is taking too long to cool your interior, we will check the fan on the outside unit to see if it’s working properly.


A blocked-up condensate line may cause water or moisture to collect around your AC unit over time. Don’t worry; we clear the line within a short time.

Low-refrigerant and dirty filters may cause your coils to freeze up, causing your AC system to work harder to cool your home. Contact our technicians to fix your problem if you hear banging sounds and frequent cycling.

When your AC unit comes on and off abruptly, accompanied by a clicking sound, the problem could cause a faulty capacitor. These components can overheat in the extreme summer heat and fail due to power fluctuations.

If your air conditioner is short cycling and your interior feels warmer than usual, the problem might be a faulty thermostat. We can install a new thermostat and ensure it is calibrated and positioned away from the sun.

Strange, lound noises emanating from your AC unit are annoying. Our team can help you figure out the problem before the issue gets worse.


Don’t put off any concerns or issues with your HVAC system or AC unit. Let our professionals handle the problem with routine maintenance and repairs sooner than later. Ignoring issues with the air handler and other repairs means your loved ones will have to endure discomfort and unnecessary disruption. Neglected AC issues usually worsen with time, leading to higher running costs, lower capacity, poor indoor air quality, and ultimately HVAC system failure.

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Your AC is supposed to keep your home cool and comfortable in summer. The last thing you want is a faulty or broken AC unit in Tampa’s hot and humid weather, where temperatures spike to 90 degrees. With Fairway Heating & Cooling, LLC, you longer have to fear what the weather throws your way. We provide professional HVAC services, including reliable AC repairs in Tampa. Our HVAC technicians aim to keep your indoors comfortable, no matter the time of the year.

Unlike less known air conditioner repair services near you, we are an HVAC contractor that provides residential customers with high-quality and affordable AC solutions. We troubleshoot and fix all makes and models of HVAC systems, and our fast response times mean we’ll get to you quickly whenever you need urgent heating and air conditioning repair. We offer honest, straightforward quotes and look forward to handling all your AC problems on the same day. Call us to schedule a free HVAC inspection.

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