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AC Installation

Do you need AC installation in your home or office? Tampa’s hot and humid weather can be unforgiving and may add up your utility expenses. With an energy-efficient HVAC system, you can keep your home comfortable. Fairway Heating and Cooling LLC can install a new AC unit or upgrade your old, inefficient system so it can perform at an optimum. We are a family-owned and operated heating air conditioning company with many satisfied customers. We can install your favorite AC unit for improved comfort and better indoor air quality or do AC repair on a defective unit. If you have your eye on a specific air conditioner or need help with installation, get in touch with us.

AC Installation

Tampa Air Conditioning Contractor

Who installs your new AC system is just as important as the quality of installations. Fairway Heating & Cooling is an air conditioning company with a solid reputation for installing and servicing AC units across Tampa bay. From family homes to apartments to commercial premises, hundreds of people enjoy comfortable indoors courtesy of our good work.

As a top HVAC company, we always emphasize choosing the right type and size of AC unit. Too large a system, and you’re likely to have hot and cold spots in your home, with exponential temperature variations. Too small a unit and your system will struggle to regulate the indoor conditions, leading to premature wearing out of parts or failure due to system overload.

Another key aspect of any HVAC Installation is the duct and airways. They move hot or cold air to rooms for indoor comfort. When poorly installed, ducts will make your AC unit work harder to create a comfortable interior. Your system will also require regular maintenance services. Our air conditioning contractors will perform proper ducting to avoid losing heat in winter and cool air in summer. We pay utmost attention to air ducts, seals, heat pumps, and fittings during AC installation.

Trusted AC Installation Services in Tampa

Want to keep your Tampa, FL home comfortable all year long? Install a reliable AC unit. A bonus is your energy-efficient HVAC systems help you spend less on heating and cooling your home at different times of the year. With Fairway Heating & Cooling, you have the peace of mind knowing your will a high-quality installation. A trained AC installer does all the residential and commercial HVAC installations. We can tackle all installation projects, from big to small, and provide advice. If you need a new installation, we’ll ensure that your heater is the right size to deliver efficient performance throughout the winter.

When the time comes to get a new heating system for your home, entrust the installation work to the experts at Fairway Heating & Cooling LLC. Our team can help you choose the right HVAC equipment quickly and correctly install it in your home. We are a proud dealer of the industry’s major brands, including Goodman, Trane, Carrier, and Rheem.

Each HVAC installation comes with a labor warranty and a limited product warranty from the manufacturer. We are always confident about workmanship and are ready to stand by the quality of our installations. You won’t call us for air conditioning repair in the Tampa Bay area for years to come. It’s why we have man repeat customers, and the primary reason customers trust us for HVAC installation services in Tampa, FL.

Our AC Installation Process

AC systems are present in over 80% of homes in the US and account for over 25% of utility costs in hot and humid areas like Tampa bay FL. Before installing an AC unit in your home, our HVAC professionals will assess your home and explore options that meet your heating and cooling needs. We can help with sizing and brand selection. We’ll also inspect existing vents to ensure they fit with the new system. Each installation is performed by experienced technicians who follow strict guidelines and proven techniques. We only leave your home or property once we’re sure your air conditioner and heating system are working as expected.


Not every home in Tampa, FL, is the same, which means our team will tailor the HVAC installation to your specific circumstances. Trust our experts, who have seen it all, to adapt your new AC unit to your home’s needs. As a leader of the industry’s top brands, we can help you choose the right air conditioner, whether a heat pump or air handler. We offer several environmentally-friendly options that use materials that the EPA approves.

Why Hire Us for AC Installation

Installing a new AC unit in your home isn’t your typical DIY project. A lot goes into air conditioner installation. Miss a step or do a poor job, and you’ll end up with a noisy, inefficient system that works harder to keep your indoors comfortable. Our team knows the quickest and most reliable way to install and configure residential HVAC systems. We can ensure your new air conditioner is installed properly. If you’re not sure what type or size of AC unit suits your home, we can help you with that as well. As experts, we often consider the AC size, manufacturer’s warranties, and efficiency. With a competent team handling your installation and providing you with the best air conditioning services , you will be more than satisfied with the result.

Want a New Tampa Air Conditioner Installation? Contact Our AC professionals today

If your HVAC system is more than 10 years old or operating inefficiently, or your monthly energy costs are on the up, it’s about time you consider a new AC unit. Fairway Heating & Cooling LLC can install a new system to keep your home cool and comfortable in Tampa’s hot weather. Your new unit will reduce your running costs and help get you back on track. To request a free estimate, call (813) 443-9439 and speak to our HVAC professionals.

AC Repair Service - Tampa, Florida

You want to make sure it’s done right. 

That’s where Fairway Heating and Cooling comes in. We understand the significance of proper AC installation and are here to ensure that your new system works efficiently from day one.

Why is professional installation so crucial?

Well, for starters, a properly installed air conditioning unit will provide optimal cooling performance, keeping you comfortable even on the hottest days. Our team goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional service, covering every step of the installation process.

We take care of everything, including cutting holes for ductwork or cased openings, securing the unit in place, and connecting all necessary panels.

By choosing Fairway Heating and Cooling for your AC installation needs, you can rest easy knowing that our experienced technicians will handle the job with precision and expertise. Don’t compromise on quality or risk costly repairs down the line. Let us take care of your AC installation so you can enjoy reliable cooling all summer.

AC Installations in Tampa Bay, Florida

Desired Level of Comfort

One of the key factors to consider when buying a new AC is your desired level of comfort. At Fairway Heating and Cooling, we assess your cooling needs based on the size of your rooms and how you intend to use them. By understanding these factors, we can recommend an air conditioning system that will provide optimal comfort throughout your home.

Home Efficiency

Another crucial factor when installing a new AC is efficiency. Proper insulation and sealing are essential for energy efficiency.

When installing your new air conditioning system, we ensure your system is well-insulated and sealed to prevent any air leaks. This helps in maintaining a consistent temperature and reduces energy waste.

The design of your ductwork plays a significant role in optimizing airflow within your home too. That’s why we pay close attention to proper ductwork design during installation to ensure efficient distribution of cooled air throughout every room.

Desired Efficiency

Choosing an energy-efficient AC unit can have a significant impact on both the upfront cost and long-term savings. It’s important to understand the significance of SEER2 (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings when selecting an air conditioner. Higher SEER2 ratings indicate greater energy efficiency, which can result in lower utility bills over time.

At Fairway Heating and Cooling, we offer a range of options for enhanced efficiency. One such option is variable-speed compressors, which allow the system to adjust its speed based on cooling demands. This not only improves overall efficiency but also provides better temperature control and humidity management.

Type of System (Central Air Conditioning Systems)

The type of air conditioning system you choose also influences the installation. Central air conditioning systems are a popular choice for many homeowners due to their ability to cool the entire house consistently.

Compared to other cooling options like ductless mini-splits, central air offers several benefits:

Consistent temperature control:

With central air, you can maintain a consistent temperature throughout your home, ensuring comfort in every room.

Better aesthetics:

Central air systems are discreetly installed, with the main components located outside the house. This helps maintain the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Reduced noise:

Central air conditioning systems tend to be quieter compared to individual units in each room.

While central air may have a higher upfront cost due to installation requirements, it provides long-term benefits in terms of convenience and overall comfort.

Why Choose Professional AC Installation in Tampa?

Professional AC installation offers several benefits, including:

Efficient cooling:

A properly installed AC system ensures optimal performance and efficient cooling throughout your space.

Energy savings: