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Few things are more essential than central air conditioners. Central air conditioning improves comfort, especially in the summer when the heat and humidity are unbearable. Today, there are numerous energy-efficient air conditioners on the market, ranging from window units to central systems. They’re also more affordable than ever, allowing you to keep your energy bills low. Choosing the best air conditioner for your home can be difficult, despite the abundance of options on the market.

This guide will provide you with all of the information you’ll need to purchase an air conditioner.


Types of Air Conditioners to Choose From

The various types of air conditioners are appropriate for a variety of living spaces. The following is a breakdown of the various AC units available for purchase.


Central Air Conditioners

Packaged and split central air conditioners are the two types of central air conditioners. Split air conditioners are made up of two parts: an interior fan system and an exterior compressor. Packaged air conditioners are typically installed as part of a dual heating and cooling system (HVAC).


Window Air Conditioner

Because of its popularity, this is more like a standard air conditioner. They are self-contained conditioners that come in a variety of sizes. Most window air conditioners can only be used when they are needed. You can, however, choose to permanently install it through the house’s wall.


Portable AC Units

They’re similar to dehumidifiers and wheeled cabinets, but they include all of the necessary cooling system components. Of course, you must first vent them to the outside, but they always come with the necessary kit.


Ductless Mini-Split AC Units

They, like central air conditioning systems, are divided into two parts: a wall-mounted interior component and an exterior compressor. As a result, they are extremely quiet and equally energy efficient. Other types of air conditioners besides those mentioned above include wifi-enabled AC systems, inverter AC units, and solar AC systems.


Features to Explore When Buying a New Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner in Tampa

When shipping energy-efficient air conditioners, you should keep several features in mind. This section will go over these features in order to help you make the best decision.


Right AC Size

When shopping for air conditioning units, it is critical to look for the correct size. Cool air will be provided by a central air conditioner that is too large for your space. It will, however, leave the room clammy and damp. An insufficient air conditioning system, on the other hand, will work overtime to keep the room temperature stable. As a result, your energy bills will rise.


Programmable Settings

Programmable settings are an important feature to look for in an air conditioner. Even basic window air conditioners now have digital displays that allow you to set the temperature and schedule when your AC unit turns on and off. They’re even more adaptable if you need central air conditioning units. When shopping for an energy-efficient air conditioner, look for features such as programmable settings.


Energy Savings

The best energy-efficient air conditioner includes an energy-saving mode. It is a feature found in the best air conditioners. When the space is cool enough, the unit will turn off the compressor and fan. This conserves energy and lowers your energy bills. This feature is not unique to central air conditioning units, but can also be found in portable air conditioners.


High SEER and EER Ratings

These two grades are comparable but not interchangeable. They calculate the energy efficiency of your air conditioner unit in BTUs. SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio, whereas EER stands for energy efficiency rating. A high combined energy efficiency ratio indicates that your air conditioner is more efficient.


Energy Star Certification

If your air conditioner is energy star certified, it is one of the best on the market. Your packaged air conditioner has met or exceeded higher efficiency standards than many other models, according to the blue Energy Star certification. This certification will assist you in selecting a high-quality air conditioner.


Wifi-Enabled AC

The majority of people seek a central air conditioner with a remote control. However, you should also look for one that has wi-fi. If you have a device like Google Assistant or Alexa, a smart air conditioner can also be useful. Fortunately, they come in a variety of styles, so you can also find a standard window air conditioner with smart features.

Smart split air conditioners, ductless mini air conditioners, and portable air conditioners are also available. These units are highly adjustable, which increases their energy-saving potential. A wifi-enabled AC will also assist you in fine-tuning your unit’s usage.


How to Choose the Right Size for Energy-Efficient Air Conditioners

As previously stated, the size of an air conditioner is just as important as its cooling capacity. As a result, you must ensure that you get the right size for your home in order to avoid wasting energy. Air conditioners lower humidity and temperature. A larger air conditioner will not cool your home faster or better; it will simply cool the air faster than it can remove humidity. As a result, you end up with damp and clammy air.

Choosing the appropriate size is simple, especially with ENERGY STAR guiding window units and other air conditioners. The platform’s air conditioning unit BTU chart tells you what size air conditioner model you need for your space. To begin, measure your room space to determine how many square feet you need to cool. Once you have the measurement, use the BTU chart to determine how many BTUs you’ll need for the space.

To determine the proper sizing for your home, you must also consider the tonnage of each AC unit. One ton equals 12,000 BTU per hour. The sizes range from one to five tons. Other factors that influence how much tonnage you require include the square footage of your home and the climate in your area.


Get the Right Energy Efficient Air Conditioner Today

If you’re in the market for a new air conditioner, Fairway Heating and Cooling, LLC experts can assist you in selecting the best model for your needs. We will assist you in installing and replacing your current air conditioner with an energy-efficient model. We’ll also handle any necessary repairs and maintenance along the way. Contact us today for information about our services.


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