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Why Winter AC Maintenance Is Essential In Florida

image of ac expert performing ac maintenance in Tampa, Florida

Although it may seem unnecessary, winter AC maintenance is essential for ensuring the long-term health of your HVAC system. Otherwise, your air conditioner may be vulnerable to damage.  For example, weather fluctuations may lead to clogged pipes, dirty air filters, or frozen evaporator coils. If you want to avoid this, perform maintenance before the season […]

Basics of AC Maintenance: How Vinegar Can Help Your Drain Pipe

image of ac maintenance by pouring vinegar down drain pipe

AC maintenance is necessary to ensure your system’s longevity. When life gets busy, it’s easy to forget your AC. However, without routine maintenance, you may run into some problems. Namely, you will suffer from poor cooling efficiency, making you uncomfortable in your home. If you live in Florida, where heat waves occur frequently, you may […]

Symptoms of a Dying Thermostat Battery

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Thermostat batteries can die, and that may be why your AC is not working properly. It may not be obvious at first, that’s why you need to check your thermostat battery life. Otherwise, you may experience discomfort and a whole host of other issues in your home.  There are several indicators that your thermostat batteries […]

The Importance of Regular AC Filter Changes

image of woman changing ac filter to help with indoor air quality

When your air conditioner is not working well, that may be a sign that your AC filter needs to be changed. Along with other AC maintenance, filter changes are important since they can make your unit malfunction. Filters are a critical component of your HVAC system. Therefore, learning about them is necessary to improve the […]