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AC Service

If you are looking for a reliable air conditioning company in Tampa Bay, FL, you have come to the right place. At Fairway Heating and Cooling, we have a great team of AC technicians in Florida and beyond. Our highly skilled team has the integrity and expertise to guarantee customer satisfaction on every job we take on. 

With over 15 years of experience installing, repairing, and maintaining air handler systems in and around the Tampa Bay area, you can rest assured that our superior service is meticulous and worth your while.

Not only do we take pride in our job, but we are also fair and honest. So, if you are looking for outstanding customer service in indoor air quality solutions, our HVAC services are unequaled in Tampa, Fl, and the surrounding areas.

AC Service

Our AC Services in Tampa Bay, FL

Your air conditioner’s coils, fins, and filters need regular maintenance for your HVAC system to function efficiently and effectively throughout its years of service. By neglecting the required maintenance of your AC unit, you condemn it to a steady decline in its performance.

This also means your energy bill also gradually increases. For this reason, you should ensure the necessary maintenance and servicing of your air conditioner unit is done regularly.

More importantly, you should let the professionals do it appropriately and expertly. Fairway Heating and Cooling is your best bet if you wish your AC system to run smoothly throughout the year in Florida weather. Here are some of the AC services we offer:

Though it might sound quite simple, regularly changing your filter is the most effective way of keeping your air condition unit running smoothly, especially in Tampa, FL weather. Call our experts to perform a comprehensive maintenance routine on your AC, including changing the filters.


A clogged or dirty filter makes your air conditioner work extra harder, putting unnecessary strain on the system. Our Fairway AC experts will ensure the system runs smoothly, easing the load on the system, extending its life, and reducing your utility bill.

Our AC specialists will ensure the system’s fins and coils outside the unit are clear of obstructions. Debris like leaves and dust can accumulate around your unit. Unclean units burden its performance and reduce its efficiency and effectiveness. Therefore, it is imperative to regularly call the best AC service providers to perform comprehensive maintenance.

The thermostat plays a very important role in your air conditioning system. To ensure the thermostat is performing optimally, our skilled AC technicians will calibrate it. We will also ensure that it is properly installed and positioned away from heat sources such as light bulbs and other heat-producing equipment. So, whether it is a residential or commercial HVAC system, our experts are highly qualified to install, repair, or calibrate your unit.


As every highly-skilled AC technician, our specialists will inspect all the electrical connections, ensuring they are operating safely. When electrical connections are regularly checked and tightened, it averts potential electrical hazards, keeping your family or co-workers safe. Additionally, it prolongs the life of your heating and cooling system.

This essential service ensures your air conditioner’s condensate line is clear, facilitating unobstructed drainage of the liquid condensate. A clogged drain line can lead to leaks and other moisture and dampness issues. By calling in our experts to clean the drain line, you are also preventing the growth of mold and bacteria which may form around the line.


They are well-trained to handle these hazardous microorganisms properly. An air conditioning repair or replacing the drain line might also be necessary if our technicians discover they are cracked or faulty. And, you do not have to worry because it is a same-day service.

Like most equipment, HVAC systems also have moving parts. During your unit’s routine maintenance, our AC specialists ensure all the moving parts are well lubricated, preventing any unnecessary damage to them. Even a new AC system will begin to break down more rapidly due to a lack of lubrication. This means more frequent AC repair or replacement and more maintenance expenses.


What our Tampa Bay, FL Maintenance Service Entails

Whether you are looking for a new system installation for your new unit or repair and maintenance services for your old system in Tampa, FL, Fairway is your premier HVAC contractor in the industry. Here is a summary of what our talented technicians do:

  • Measuring the voltage and amperage of the blower motor to ensure optimal operation

  • Inspecting the bearing for wear and lubricating it

  • Flushing and treating the condensate drain with anti-algae solutions

  • Testing and calibrating the thermostat

  • Cleaning the air filter as required

  • Inspecting the condenser coil

  • Inspecting the indoor coil

  • Monitoring the operating pressure of the refrigerant

  • Inspecting the electrical disconnect box for safe installation and proper rating

  • Inspecting the safety devices for proper operation.

  • Checking if there are any pitted or burned contactors

  • Testing the system capacitors

  • Inspecting and tightening the entire unit for any electrical faults

  • Checking for any exposed electrical wiring

  • Checking if the service valves are operating optimally

  • Inspecting the heat pump

  • Checking if the ductwork is okay to prevent energy loss

  • Checking the wiring connections and measuring the voltage and amperage of the compressor

  • Monitoring the supply versus return temperature differential

Hire the Best AC Service Company in Tampa, FL

When your air conditioning unit requires more than regular maintenance, like when it does not decrease the indoor temperatures to the desired level, you should hire an expert service contractor. Florida’s summer temperatures can sour beyond the 90s, making it unbearable to have a faulty AC.

For this reason, you should hire a professional air conditioning specialist to fix your problem once and for all. That is where we come in. Fairway Heating and Cooling is a family-owned and operated company doing AC installations, repairs, and maintenance for many years in Florida. 

So, whether you are in , Land O Lakes, Plant City, Rome Ave, Hillsborough County, Linebaugh Ave, New Port Richey, or the greater Florida area, we have the best air condition services you can ask for. Do not hesitate to contact Fairway Heating and Cooling, LLC. at our office in Tampa, Florida. You can also call (813) 443-9439 today if you need top-quality AC-related







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