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The weather conditions, especially during summer, can be so hot and unfriendly, leaving you to feel the scorching heat at home or in the office. Those living in Tampa, Florida, cannot deny this. If your AC unit isn’t set up or working right, you’ll have to open your windows to let in fresh air during the summer. The thing is, you knew the importance of cold air in your environment, and for that, you needed an air conditioner; that is why you went for it. Therefore, it is best to ensure your HVAC system functions well and always through regular repairs and maintenance to benefit you optimally.

An air conditioner can develop a diverse range of problems that may impede its functionality, which requires repair. AC repair can be costly generally, or most times. So, it is vital that you know about these problems (some of which you can DIY) and adjust accordingly to save money.

In no particular order, let’s look at six common problems associated with air conditioners.

The Air Conditioner Is Not Blowing Cold Air

The possible cause of this is that a dirty air filter has blocked the air conditioner’s airflow. When a dirty air filter is present, it freezes up the condenser unit, limiting the AC’s cooling power. This can be so frustrating to have an air conditioner running but not producing cold air. What is necessary here is the regular, monthly replacement of the air filter on your air conditioner instead of purchasing a new AC unit.

Air Conditioner Making Noise

A factory standard for an air conditioner is “noiseless.” However, different reasons can make an air conditioner develop unwanted sounds. As HVAC experts, we believe it’s important for you to know these sounds and their possible causes:

Clicking Sound During on and Off

If your air conditioner is making a clicking sound when you turn it on or off, the possible cause of that might be a relay problem. It means the relay responsible for turning it on and off might be bad. To some extent, you can fix this yourself, but we recommend you get an AC service company to fix it for you.

Screeching Sound

The likely component responsible for the screeching sound is the compressor or fan motor.

Hissing Sound

A leak of refrigerant might be responsible if you notice your air conditioner is making a hissing sound. Fixing the leaked refrigerant will solve this.

Leaking Water Outside

Not all cases of air conditioners leaking water outside are bad. Some people are unaware of this: having the unit run during a hot and humid day and water running out is considered normal. Also, in hot weather where the temperature is 60 degrees and above, at that time, the air conditioner freezes up, and when it melts, the water leaks, thus the water running outside. This is also considered normal.

This means that not all air conditioning that leaks water outside is bad or faulty. However, there are other cases where water leakage could be regarded as improper and can be caused by any of these: improper installation, dirty air filters, blocked drain pipes, low coolant levels, broken condensate pipes, and so on. Except it is normal, seek the services of an AC repairer.

Sensor Problem

In an air conditioner, there’s a synergy between the thermostat sensor and the evaporator coil. The thermostat sensor is placed near the evaporator coil. The thermostat sensor measures the air temperature in the evaporator coil and makes the necessary adjustment in relation to the temperature condition of the room.

The bad side is that the thermostat sensor can be forced out of place, making the air conditioner turn on and off randomly. If you notice this with your AC, you can fix it yourself. All you need to do is adjust the sensor. This is done by bending the wire that holds it together without the thermostat sensor and the evaporator coil touching each other. That solves the problem. Otherwise, consult your local HVAC contractors.

Issue With Drainage

Allowing the air conditioner drain pipeline to clog can leave you desirous of the AC as it paves the way for gasses and bad odors from outside to enter your home. Algae, dust, and dirt are always there to clog it up. However, regular maintenance of the drain line, such as cleaning, can prevent clogging from happening. This has to happen so that water can drain properly from the drain pipeline.

When the Evaporator Coil Freezes

The evaporator coil needs sufficient air to perform. And so, when sufficient air is not supplied, it makes the coil freeze up and, by extension, the AC. This can make your air conditioner stop working. and could be caused by a blocked vent, duct, faulty fan, or dirty filters, leading to insufficient airflow in the system. Either way, a little technical background can help you fix this. The solution is a clean air filter to maximize airflow and, by extension, indoor air quality at your home or office.

As the article suggests, these are not all the problems associated with an air conditioning system, but only 6. In other words, in your day-to-day air conditioner usage, you must have encountered issues beyond what is listed here.

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