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When summer arrives, one of the most important items to inspect is your home or office air conditioner. Florida summers can be unforgiving, with an average temperature of 73 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. With these temperatures, a working air conditioning system is essential for the comfort of your loved ones and staff. Poorly maintained and dysfunctional air conditioners not only worsen the heat but are also expensive to keep.

An Air Condition system is a complex appliance that uses simple chemical and mechanical principles of heat exchange to ensure that your home or office temperature is just right for everyone. When an air conditioning system is not properly maintained or is old, it will send signals that it is time to replace the air conditioning. While there are a few simple DIY tips to ensure your air conditioner works properly, some complex repair and maintenance jobs require qualified professionals to undertake. At Fairway Heating and Cooling LLC, we have experienced and qualified staff on standby to help with all your air conditioning needs. Find out the five signs you need to watch out for.

How Does the Air Conditioning System Work?

Air conditioners have four main functional parts that work together to ensure you have the right temperatures in your home. These include a compressor and condenser placed outside your home, an evaporator, and an expression valve located within the ac system and placed inside the house. The air conditioning unit uses the same mechanism the human body uses to cool off during hot weather; when temperatures are high, people sweat. Sweat absorbs heat from the surface of the body, and as the sweat evaporates, the absorbed heat gets lost in a process called latent heat evaporation, leaving the body surface cooler. The air conditioning unit uses a refrigerant liquid with high evaporation latent heat, meaning the liquid absorbs more heat compared to human sweat. Through the help of a condenser, compressor, and evaporator, the refrigerant liquid is able to absorb heat from your home or office while pushing cold air into the space.

5 Signs That It’s Time for Air Conditioning Replacement

The different parts of an air conditioner must work together to ensure that your home or office has cool air. When any part becomes faulty, for example, if the compressor does not generate the pressure required to make the coolant liquid lose the absorbed heat, the Air Condition will fail to perform its functions. While it is hard to know exactly what the mechanical or chemical problem is with your air conditioning units, especially when you don’t know how they work, you need to watch out for the warning signs. Qualified technicians can determine whether you need to repair your air conditioning system or get an entirely new air conditioner.

1. Old Air Conditioning Units

A new air conditioning system should be able to serve you well for 10 to 15 years, even more with proper maintenance. However, when you notice your aging air conditioner is costly to repair and the warranty has expired, it makes more sense to start thinking about AC replacement. Our ac experts can recommend the best quality ac models for the best indoor air quality and offer professional air conditioner installation and maintenance services.

2. A Loud or Noisy Cooling System

The HVAC system should run with very low sound emissions. Strange buzzing, hissing, or rattling sounds are a sign of a defect or an aging AC system. These sounds occur when the moving parts of the AC system, like the compressor, experience wear and tear over a period of time. An experienced AC technician from Fairway Heating and Cooling, LLC, can help diagnose your air conditioner system problems and suggest an appropriate fix.

3. Rising Energy Costs

When you notice your electric bill going up, it might be time to inspect your air conditioners. Air condition units lose their energy efficiency with age and use. Defects and age cause it to consume more energy than necessary. For example, if the coolant liquid does not absorb heat sufficiently, the air conditioner will have to work at double capacity to compensate for the inefficiency. Our AC handlers will examine your air conditioner to ensure that it operates efficiently to reduce your energy bills.

4. Interrupted Cold Air Flow

If your central air conditioner does not blow cold air efficiently when you turn it on, it is the clearest sign that the current air conditioning system is having problems. This might be due to clogged ductwork or faulty piping. Dust buildup in the air filters might also cause the air conditioner to malfunction. This can result in a partial blockage of the air intake pathway, causing the unit to malfunction.

5. Foul Smell

Sometimes moisture issues within the air conditioning unit provide a conducive environment for mold growth. The situation not only causes the Air condition system to malfunction but can also be a health hazard. The condensation inside the system turns the moist air into liquid water, which is collected and then discarded periodically. Blocked or clogged water pathways might cause moisture buildup in other parts of the system, giving room for mold and mildew. Mold comes with an additional cost of remediation. Our air handlers will help clear the blockages and prevent mold issues to maintain fresh indoor air quality. In some cases, the buildup of moisture makes it hard for the electricity inside the AC to work, forcing most people to fix or replace the whole unit.

Looking for Air Conditioner Replacement, Installation, or Repair in Tampa, FL? Call Fairway Heating and Cooling LLC

To keep your home cooler for less in summer and maintain the seasonal energy efficiency ratio, ensure that your central air conditioner is operating efficiently. If you are experiencing breakdowns or need maintenance, call our air conditioner experts in Tampa, Florida, for help. Fairway Heating and Cooling is a family owned business with experienced technicians. Our technicians love working with customers to make sure they feel like part of our family, through high-quality service and professionalism.  Call us today at (813) 443-9439 to schedule a consultation.

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